Setting up the link is done via Merchant Portal. First, you define the set of payment details to be associated with the link. It is up to you to determine which details you want to predefine and which ones you want to leave open for your customers to fill in. There are also subscription and URL-changeable features available with LinkPay. Please see the full LinkPay documentation for further details.

Copy-paste that link to your customer via email, website, SMS, invoice, live chat or turn the link into a QR code to use in offline media (on posters, billboards, magazines, etc.)

Once your customer clicks the link or button, they will be redirected to Gateway hosted payment page. Your customer then fills in the card details and if necessary add additional data and then commence with the payment.

LinkPay works on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Security is our priority

Using LinkPay is secure. When your client clicks on the link, they will be redirected to a secure Gateway hosted payment page which provides PCI DSS level 1 certified platform meaning the technical solution and processes meet the highest industry requirements.  

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