LinkPay links can be tied to multiple Subscription Plans and Plans can have multiple Links (e.g. multi-language links for the same Plan).
The link language is stored together with the Subscription data, so that future communication with the user continues in correct language.
Creating a Link for Subscription is similar to creating a regular Link or Template, except one or more of the Subscriptions Plans must be selected from the dropdown.

To create a Subscription Link:
● Enable Subscription link checkbox (if not already pre-selected with the
● Pick one or more of the Subscription plans in the link creation/editing view, if it is not already preset by the template. The selected plan can be changed later
– this will affect only new subscriptions created through this link, all existing subscriptions will continue to use the Plan they were created with.
● Fields ‘Customer name’ and ‘Customer email’ must be always present for Subscription Links. This data is needed in order to tie the Plan to a Customer. The information can be viewed in Portal on Customers and Subscriptions page.
● Other fields can be defined as needed.

The created Subscription payment link allows the customer to sign up for the service and/or make the initial payment. Following payments are then initiated automatically by gateway system using the schedule and amount described in the Plan.

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