An iframe is a window which opens on your website, and Customer can confirm their identity directly on your website. It’s safe if your site has an SSL certificate. If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate and you are not sure that card issuers banks 3D confirmation site is compatible with your site, we recommend enabling 3D redirect page option in Merchant Portal (it’s enabled by default).

If you are using our integrated payment form (iFrame), it can be fully integrated into your checkout page and customised to match your visual design. Using iFrame Skin settings you can change how the field labels will appear in iFrame, customize style and colour for field names and design payment button appearance. 

The integrated payment form can be customised directly from Merchant Portal

  1. go to the sign-in page of  Merchant Portal
  2. on the left side select Iframe Skins
  3. click Add Skin

Customise the skin the way you want it to be displayed to your customer. You can check the appearance changes simultaneously on the test window in the right corner.

After defining the skin name in Merchant Portal, you can specify the same name also on your e-shop platform module. Your customers will be then presented the payment page as designed by you.

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