With the help of ready-made filters, a detailed report by currency, processing account, card type or payment status can be performed. You can use one or different filters to adjust your specific task.

For example, if you want to see all refunded payments in euros for Visa cards for the last month you can easily filter out the required values and see the results on the screen. By clicking on a button XLSX EXPORT or CSV EXPORT, you can download the same result as xlsx or csv file. 

You can also search for a specific payment by payment or order reference number.  If needed, an easy search can be performed by the buyer’s name or email address, we have provided a special field for that. Simply enter the customer’s name and we will quickly find all payments made by that customer. You can also combine search field with some of the filters. For example, find all settled payments for a particular customer.

You can search by:

  • order reference
  • payment reference
  • status
  • email
  • cardholder name
  • STAN
  • merchant name
  • currency
  • date
  • card 
  • card type
  • dispute
  • dispute date
  • fraudulent
  • payment type
  • authorisation code

Advanced search. If you are not able to find a specific payment by using a simple search, you can use the advanced search by clicking the button ADVANCED SEARCH which reveals more filtering options. In advanced search,  it is possible to find payments by STAN, payment reference, order reference, e-mail and authorisation code. You can combine advanced search value with some other search values (e.g., payment date, status, type, and so on). Also, it is possible to search multiple values (e.g to find specific order references choose under SEARCH FIELD Order Reference and copy into the SEARCH MULTIPLE VALUES all order reference numbers you would like to search – 52485, 56358, 54268 etc)

Quick filters. On payment list and payment details page we have provided possibility to see linked payment data based on IP address, email address or cardholder name usage. You can simply click on the aforenamed value and as a result, all payments or payment attempts performed with the given value will be displayed to you. It will help you quickly analyse particular customer behaviour. Seeing linked payment data is also valuable input for checking suspicious activity. By clicking particular IP or email value you receive all payments over the history performed with that value. It enables you to estimate if there is risk related (many attempts over a short period might be an indicator of fraud) and act accordingly – either by voiding or refunding the payment

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