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Updated 28.04.2021

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  • Adds SEB E-commerce payment solution to the WooCommerce installation for
    supporting Card and Open Banking payments.
  • Enables embedding the payment form to the checkout workflow in iFrame for card
  • Customer Initiated Token (one-click) payment allow returning customers to perform
    payments faster and easier using saved card details.

iFrame payment form:


The extension has been tested to work with the following software versions:

  • WordPress 5.2.X and above (tested up to 5.2.2)
  • WooCommerce 3.6.X and above
  • PHP 5.6 or above

However, it’s possible that the extension works even when these are not met.


SEB E-commerce payment solution is available in Merchant support page, free of charge:

Suggested installation and update of SEB E-commerce plugin is using GitHub Updater

    1. Download the latest version from SEB Merchant support page.
    2.  Install plugin from ZIP file via WordPress plugin manager.
    3. Go to ‘WooCommerce’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Payments’ > ‘SEB e-commerce payment solution’, enable it and enter your API username and password that can be found in SEB Merchant Portal (see more detailed instructions below)

SEB E-commerce plugin has support for English and Estonian language included, additional translations can be added by translating .pot file found in `languages` directory or with WPML’s String Translation.

Once the plugin is activated configuration options for SEB E-commerce payment solution can be found in WordPress admin under ‘WooCommerce’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Payments’ -> ‘SEB e-commerce payment solution’


Due to the reason that some of the banks do not support 3DS inside the iFrame we recommend to set up redirect payment flow.

Callback notification set up in merchant portal

Callback notifications are used to inform updated status of the payments. When the payment
is finalized by a customer notification is sent to the callback_url. Notifications include
payment_reference and order_reference.
You can set callback URL in Merchant Portal under E-shop settings.


Field name Description
Enable/Disable Activate SEB E-commerce payment solution as an option in
Gateway URL LIVE – live/production mode (payments are sent to SEB production server).
TEST – test mode (payments are sent to SEB test/demo server).
Callback Notification
Add this URL to Callback Notification URL in SEB merchant portal under eshop settings.
API username / test API
SEB Production(Live) and Test servers have different API credentials.
API settings are defined in SBE Merchant Portal
Looks like this (16 symbols): 68d9463b47d9a364
API secret /test API
SEB Live and Test servers have different API credentials.
API settings are defined in SEB Merchant Portal
Looks like this (32 symbols):
API Account Name Processing accounts are defined in SEB Merchant Portal.
Looks like this: EUR3D1 or USD3D1
Update Payment
Can update payment methods manually
Title of card Payment This controls the title which the user sees on card payments.
Title of Bank Payment This controls the title which the user sees on bank payments.
Title of Alternative
This controls the title which the user sees on alternative payment methods (PayPal etc).
Payment Integration
Select “Redirect to hosted form on SEB server” to delegate most of security to SEB or “iFrame payment form integrated into checkout” to show payment form inside your checkout flow and provide a more user-friendly shopping experience. Using SSL (https://) is strongly advised for iFrame form as user expect see green padlock on browser’s address bar when entering private information
Default country By default country selection is attempted by currently active locale. When some country is selected it ignores the language and shows always the selected country open banking payment method first.
Skin name (when iFrame has been selected) Specifies iFrame form appearance that can be configured in SEB merchant portal.
Saved cards Enables one-click-payments which allows returning customers to save their card details (a reference token to required card information in SEB system) for faster and easier payments in the future.
Debug Log Allows logging of payment process steps in detail. Transactions are logged always.


Version history:

Date Change
06.01.2021  New version: 1.3.4

Bug fix for sent for processing status.


01.03.2021  New version: 1.3.6

Added possibility to upload plugin using Multisite.
Bug fix: Shop shows incorrect payment status in case of some settled payments. Removed 10 minute time limit for payment links on plugin side.

28.04.2021  New version: 1.3.7

Fix: Show only one payment status for the customer.

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