Creating a template

  • in order to send LinkPay payments, a Template must be created first to define all fields that you want to show for the customer and also define whether the field can be changed by the customer while making the payment
  • additionally, to standard fields like company name, transaction amount, invoice number, customer data, also any other information can be added or asked from customer to fill in on Custom fields. The field name can be set by you what best fits to your use case
  • to get the LinkPay form having visual design more natural to your company or brand you can use your logo or banner on the LinkPay page. Supported files: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • you can use custom text on Button if needed
  • the required field indicates whether the field is mandatory to be filled in by customer or not
  • don’t forget to save changes when adding or removing any data
  • after creating a Template now the links can be created

Creating a link

  • after having created a Template you can now create the specific link using the Template data defined beforehand. Go to LINKPAY -> Links -> Add link
  • define a Link name
  • choose template dropdown gives you the list of previously created templates
  • define the Processing account to indicate the currency you want the payments to be processed with
  • the values defined within Template can be overwritten if needed
  • any changes made on Link attributes or settings does not affect data defined on Template



in Merchant Portal
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