WebShopper is cloud-based eshop rental service and ecommerce solution. With WebShopper you can quickly create your professional eshop with ease.

More info: www.webshopper.ee

To set up EveryPay payment method on WebShopper eshop, please follow the steps below:

1. Open payment methods

  • In the list on payments choose EveryPay and click Install

  • After installation click Change

2. Set up an EveryPay payment method

Add all necessary payment information (API credentials, Processing account) to setup a EveryPay payment method

  • Add API username

  • Add API Password

  • Add a processing account

  • To use the test environment, select “API operation mode” to test mode

  • Choose zones (if needed)

  • Make sure your payment method is active and Save!

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