• LHV Open Banking

After clicking LHV EE payment method in payment method selection page user is redirected to LHV’s login page. In here ‘Choose User’ option needs to be selected and ‘Log in’ button should be clicked


User is directed to payment link with account list. In there one of the accounts can be selected and ‘PAY’ button can be pressed. Then user is redirected to LHV to complete SCA.

In SCA page, ‘Smart-ID’ is marked and ‘Confirm’ is clicked and payment is completed.

  • Swedbank Open Banking

For the redirect approach, “Authenticate in Bank” should be selected and CONTINUE button should be clicked.

After that step, the user will be redirected to Swedbank’s login page. There, in the “PIN-calculator” option, Both User ID and Password are entered as “123456” and to continue Enter is clicked.

In the following page, for the field “Select Customer”’ Myself should be selected and Submit should be clicked.

In the following “Allowing access” page click on Confirm.

After that customer sees the account list and needs to select IBAN and to click pay.

After clicking Pay the payment will be completed automatically.

  • SEB Open Banking

After clicking one of the SEB OB payment methods in the payment method selection page, first screen will be seend and if user selects “Authenticate in Bank” option, the user is redirected to SEB’s login page. In the first page ‘ibsUser1’ should be entered and ‘Accept’ button should be clicked. In the second page, clicking ‘Agree and Continue’ button redirects user to account selection page.

In account selection page, one of the accounts should be selected and ‘PAY’ button should be clicked.

After this step, user is redirected to SEB for payment confirmation. Again in the first page, ‘ibsUser1’ should be entered and ‘Accept’ button should be clicked. Then in the next page ‘Continue’ button should be clicked and lastly ‘Confirm’ button should be clicked. If ‘Back to provider’ is clicked, user is redirected to service provider’s web page.

Decoupled payment flow

In the decoupled approach, the user stays on the payment page throughout the payment flow. User experience is better compared to the redirect approach in which the user is redirected to the bank’s page and come back to the payment page two times for a single payment.

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