It is up to a card issuer to accept or to decline the payment during the authorisation request. Very rarely the payment can fail due to some technical issues within the authorisation flow. The most common reasons why payments get failed by issuers are:

  • card is not valid for e-commerce transactions
  • card is not enrolled for 3DS transactions
  • insufficient funds or exceeded limit on card
  • cardholder entered wrong 3DS password
  • cardholder entered wrong CVC code or expiry date
  • card is expired

The best way to explore the payment failure reasons  in Merchant Portal is to:

  1. see the tooltip on failed payment status button in Payment Management page
  2. fetch the XLSX/CSV report which also enables you to analyse the failure reasons during the longer period

Find the specific payment. Under “Transactions” are types and you can see in which stage payment failed. If you click on transaction reference number, you can see all information about the payment, and in processing error, you can see the error code.¬†

Description of these error codes you can find in our error code list. If for some reason you can’t find out why the payment failed, please contact support.

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