Refunds can be processed for open banking payments that are sent for processing or with the settled status.

Set up the refund process permission:

In order to start using it, changes in the Merchant portal user rights need to be completed by giving permission to initiate OB refunds.

  • This can be done under Settings->Merchant Users.
  • Select the user you want to give this right-> Edit
  • Tick from the list-> Can Refund Open Banking payments
  • Save

Under Settings-> E-shop Settings it is possible to change SEB current account from where OB refunds are initiated. It is not possible to initiate refunds from any other bank´s current account.

Refund process via merchant portal:

  • Select a single payment for the refund from the payment list.
  • The amount for the refund has to be set. One payment can be refunded multiple times until the outstanding payment amount becomes zero.
  • Specify the creditor’s name (customer name) for a specific refund, it is not possible to make a refund without the creditor´s name.
  • Creditor´s IBAN will be taken from the initial payment in the Merchant portal.
  • To “start” the refund process please click the button “REFUND”. The payment status will change to “refunded” and the standing amount should be amended accordingly.

If needed then merchants can change debitor IBAN for OB refunds in the portal under eshop settings.

XML pain 001 file generation:

  • It is possible to list refunded payments for the selected time period under the merchant portal menu item “Actions”.
  • It is possible to easily list the refunded payments in a separate list from all other payments. Payments have to be selected to include them to the XML pain 001 file. Maximum amount of 1500 transactions can be included in one file.
  • By clicking the button “XML file for Ob refund” it is possible to download the XML pain 001 file that later can be uploaded to the SEB system.
  • Choose from Business internet bank menu Transactions-> Import of Payments XML

If it turns out that the payment refund was unsuccessful in the SEB system it is possible to revert the refunded payment. For that please go to the payment details page and click on the “REVERT” button. This changes the payment state back to settled and adjusts the standing amount accordingly.

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