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SEB e-commerce payment solution module is available in version 6.103.54 and above.

To get started you need to do the following:

1. We provide access to the DEMO environment. – DEMO environment merchant portal

2. In the “General settings” section of the Merchant Portal, you will find API credentials with the processing account, e.g. EUR3D1.

Enter this information to your platform and activate the test mode.

Do not use your real card or online banking data as these do not work in the DEMO environment.

More information about test card and bank payments can be found here:

3. If at least one successful (Settled) test payment is made and the contract with SEB is signed, we provide access to the LIVE environment. – LIVE environment merchant portal

4. To start accepting real payments, in your e-commerce platform enter the LIVE environment API credentials, enter the processing account (e.g. EUR3D1) and disable the test mode.

Callback notifications are used to inform that payment status has been updated. You can set the callback URL in Merchant Portal under E-shop settings:

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