LinkPay is a payment link solution for all types of businesses allowing them to accept payments online without any need for IT development or even a website. LinkPay allows companies to create a payment link within SEB e-commerce payment system with custom fields and pre-defined details, and simply send the link to its customers. The customer can then make a secure payment by choosing a preferred payment method. With LinkPay, you can create links manually or generate them by your system and accept one-off payments, or signups for subscriptions.

Here’s how LinkPay works

  1. Activate LinkPay
    We can enable LinkPay for you to test and see how it works in Demo environment. To enable it in the Production environment, please contact your bank.
  2. Create a payment link on the Merchant portal
    You can define payment link details and the data you want to collect with the payment. It is up to you to determine which details you want to predefine and which ones to leave for your customers to fill in.
    (Learn how to create and manage LinkPay links)
  3. Share the link with your customers
    You can copy-paste the link into an e-mail, website, SMS, invoice, live chat, turn the link into a QR code to use in offline media (posters, billboards, magazines), etc.
  4. Get paid
    Once your customer clicks the link, they will be redirected to SEB e-commerce system hosted checkout page. The customer has to fill in the payment-related data (if required), choose a payment method and complete the payment.
    (Try it out: Test our demo link)
  5. Monitor payments
    All transactions can be monitored on Merchant portal. The portal also allows conveniently refund the money if there are problems with a deal.

Supported solutions

  1. Create payment links manually
    This is the easiest way to start accepting payments online. Just create a payment link and start accepting payments.
    (Learn how to create and manage LinkPay links)
  2. Create LinkPay Subscription payment link
    A simple option to accept card-based subscription payments. LinkPay payment link is combined with SEB e-commerce payment solution Subscription module. Create subscription plans in the Merchant portal, create a subscription payment link and connect one to many subscription plans with the link. If your customer opens the link, he/she can select a suitable plan, insert card details and register for a subscription. All the future payments are collected automatically, both for you and your customer.
    (Learn how to create and manage LinkPay links)
  3. Receive automatic notifications (callbacks)
    In order to receive automatic notifications to your system a Merchant’s URL for accepting callback requests must be defined in the Merchant portal. Defining and integrating a LinkPay callback URL will ensure that once the payment attempt is completed by your customer (successfully or not) SEB e-commerce system will send a callback message to the defined URL.
    (Learn how to integrate LinkPay callbacks)
  4. Generate unique links
    It is possible to generate unique pre-filled links on a system level without manually creating every link on Merchant portal. You have to define one general link (per use-case) with required parameters and configurations. Example:  use this option for generating an invoice specific unique links (with all the invoice related data like amount, invoice number, customer name, etc), paste the link on your invoice by your ERP system make the payment for your customers very easy.
    (Learn how to integrate LinkPay unique links generation)

Supported payment methods

All the payment methods that are enabled for you by your bank are also available with LinkPay.

Security is our priority

Using LinkPay is secure. When your client clicks on the link, they will be redirected to a secure SEB e-commerce hosted payment page which meets PCI DSS level 1 requirements, meaning the technical solution and processes meet the highest industry requirements.

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