During its lifecycle, the payment goes through different statuses. Each status indicates a specific phase for the payment, there are different actions that can be performed during each status. The table below gives you an overview of the payment statuses that are used in gateway. It will help you to understand which statuses to monitor or analyse more thoroughly or in which phase and how you could help a customer if needed.


Payment status Description of the payment status


Initialization of the payment. A process whereby card Issuer approves or declines the use of the card for a particular purchase transaction at a merchant. If the authorization is successful the purchase amount will be reserved on the cardholder’s account. In the case of 3DS payments, the authorization process also involves cardholder authentication*.
Waiting for 3DS When 3DS authentication window was prompted, the customer closed it or pressed the Back button. The payment was not completed.
Abandoned Every customer has 15 minutes to perform 3DS authentication. If the time is exceeded and 3DS authentication is not finalised the payment status is changed from ‘Waiting for 3DS‘ to ‘Abandoned‘. It is Final status and means failed payment.
Failed Authorization was declined by a card issuer or some technical error occurred during the authorization process. This is the final status of the payment.
Voided Cancellation of authorization. Void blocks funds transfer for an authorized payment. This is the final status of the payment.
Refunded Reimbursement of the payment. The transaction amount is transferred from the merchant to the buyer. This is the final status of the payment.
Settled Settlement of the transaction, acquirer bank has transferred the funds to the merchant’s bank account.
Charged Back The cardholder has disputed payment and Issuer bank has initiated a chargeback process.

* Authentication: A process whereby card Issuer assures that the presenter of the card is a valid card owner.

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